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We Did it! #WeGlobal , Largest NYE Broadcast Done

Thanks to our brother, Carl Magno at FILAM-TV, our Executive Producers, and Producers and miracle Divine intervention, we were able to execute and broadcast #WeGlobal New Year's TV 2023 the largest NYE broadcast, airing to over 1.20 billion people globally. Thanks to JBTV, #WE were able humbly and appreciatively to star BTS, Fall Out Boy, Kodi Lee and others.

Due to impossible " last minute" time constraints, I was NOT able to edit it, do ANY post-production, nor even VIEW it before it aired. Naturally, I was mortified at the resulting broadcast since I was listed as " Creator & Writer" and I was entrusted with insuring the post-production work and graphics was done and, of course, none of that was done. My buddy & associate, Philip Jones, " PJ", talked me down from swan-diving off the roof of the hotel after its airing. ( Thanks, PJ).

After calming down and reading all the positive responses, I had to adjust my post-airing attitude to one of grace and thankfulness in that God DID answer my prayer in that it WAS aired and WAS the LARGEST NYE global broadcast. We live to do better on another day so all is good. I am thankful to God and the Universe for the opportunity to have been a part of it and to have gotten to work with so many awesome people from Peter Bowers, Lawrence Freiberg, Kaptain, Arlene Abegunde, Andrew Torbenson, Brenda Brown, etc.

I am humbled to have been able to create and envision the idea that with this awesome team, we were actually able to accomplish with " no money", maybe the biggest accomplishment of all.

We all learned a lot and now have a wealth of experience and hard knocks knowledge to not repeat the mistakes of 2023 and we now are graced to actually have another chance to do it the way it really should be done this coming NYE 2024, the next largest NYE event.

Next up, is #Sheroes, the largest female tribute, on May 14, 2023. #WE will endeavor to make this broadcast a signature polished broadcast we can all be proud of. To insure its not " last minute", we will produce it 6 weeks in advance so the finished fully edited version with graphics is in the hands of the TV platforms no less than 30 days before broadcast.

So thanks to everyone! To God, and the Universe. Now on what's next, #Sheroes!


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