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Thanks for coming to Lowell Beasley is a social activist looking to make all the difference he can in the world, in change and in people's lives.

Lowell Beasley is the founder / creator of the official Women Empowerment Movement; the #WE movement, and Stand-Up International. He is actively involved in creating virtual TV content, TV specials and concerts/events that make a difference.

Lowell Beasley is a man of faith, a devout follower of God, a trendsetter, and social activist. Lowell Beasley is dedicated to creating unity and strategy between the strategic social movements affecting culture and to create that movement through the saturation of TV, film and media in new innovative ways others are not employing.

We invite you to regularly check this site for updates on the many exciting, and news-making projects and people we will be involved with. We'd love to hear your feedback. This a blog site so all is free to share and we invite you to do so.

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If anything I am ever involved in goes wrong, I am the one to blame. That is my mantra. The problem is always the head. The buck ends here. If the head is in order, the Bible says, so is the Body. So,

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