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#WE _Vegas Creates New Hollywood Studio Concert Series @FILAM-TV

Actor Mark Wahlberg recently announced that he and a group of other notable star actors intend to make Las Vegas " the NEXT Hollywood" by bringing major films, studios and projects to Las Vegas. This was music to the ears of the #WE movement, the nation's largest #empowerment campaign and the OFFICIAL Women Empowerment Movement, who already had created New Hollywood Studio with Las Vegas as its launch site.They had already created New Hollywood Studio and have co-partnered with the new FILAM-TV stations in Las Vegas, and Manila, The Philippines, with its 800,000,000 population reach throughout The Philippines, China, ROKU, etc., plus their existing 2 TV stations in Las Vegas; Vegas Live and FILAM-TV. ( FILAM is short for " Filipino American" who are the #1 largest race population currently in Las Vegas.)

#WE is dedicated to becoming the household recognizable media name for empowerment in TV and superstar concert domination. #WE is creating concert tours, TV specials and TV musical events and projects ( like #Sheroes; the largest female tribute) to accomplish just that.

Enter Carl Magno, the 30 year TV executive veteran, who just founded FILAM-TV studios in Las Vegas with a 12,000 SF space, with seating for 500 people. He has an IP antennae in L.A that enables him to live-stream broadcast all content globally and broadcasts in Manila, and throughout The Philippines, plus China, and is on ROKU. #WE is starting their own ROKU and creating a 200 station network under the New Hollywood banner, beginning filming from the FILAM studios in Las Vegas.

( Carl Magno, FILAM -TV founder/ creator)

" God has many servants but few friends. Carl Magno is a friend of God", states #WE founder, and New Hollywood creator, Lowell Beasley. " This man's vision and selfless heart has been blessed with huge global opportunity and I myself, and #WE are excited to be in cooperation with him".

Beginning Dec.1,2022, #WE is creating a 2 week filming spree of several new TV specials and TV series, in conjunction with FILAM, to air and broadcast both locally and globally on FILAM. #WE is creating a 200 TV station, 600 OTT station platform network, " New Hollywood", to distribute and syndicate all the new TV content coming forward.

On Dec.1, Las Vegas and Filipino icon, Lani Misalucha films her global TV special at FILAM.

On Dec.10-11, Carlena Evans, the heiress of the iconic 1970's TV series, " Good Times", brings her KIDPLOSION global brand to the studio for a citywide kids celebration involving all Las Vegas children charity groups, organizations and will be an all day outside / inside parking lot Christmas rally for thousands of Las Vegas area children, engulfing everything from Santa appearances, to Toys for Tots, to kid camps with specialty training, rides, vendors, games, etc. The following day, Carlena Evans will film her new kids game show at FILAM with all the Jr. #WE kids of potential she finds in attendance that day. This weekly TV gameshow for kids will broadcast globally and be a first and a game changer. Carlena Evans piloted her KIDPLOSION brand initially in Atlanta ten years ago. Since then, KIDPLOSION has expanded to Dubai, Ghana, Kenya, and is currently expanding to 28 countries. Carlena Evans was an original organizer at the organizational meeting of Women Empowerment Movement in 2016 in Atlanta, with Women Empowerment Movement Executive Director, Vicki Abreu.

On Dec. 2, 5, 6, 7 , #WE and FILAM are creating and filming LIVE country, comedy and music events for TV specials and TV series.

" Empowerment is simply " people". When did " empowerment" become controversial, or political? #WE has no party but humanity. #WE has no agenda but humanity. If it helps, uplifts, defends PEOPLE and their rights, #WE is in. It is a shame Asians are always put at the bottom of the pile, women are overlooked, blacks are stereotyped. #WE and New Hollywood with FILAM, plan to change that. In the old Hollywood, diversity was tolerated, In our New Hollywood Studio concept, diversity is celebrated.....#WE want to create global TV specials for female country artists, Asian comics...create TV series for women, blacks, Asians..and create ground-breaking content celebrating to positive and eradicating the negative. #WE celebrates the nation's capitol, and denounces all who attack it. #WE celebrates our FBI and our Constitution, and denounce those who put bulls-eyes on our nation's elite lawmen. #WE celebrate women, and will rally against all who call them names, and try to put them less than equal. #WE celebrates all diversities.#WE are ALL people. We ALL bleed the same, we love, we need each other. Regardless of anyone's politics or religion, #WE celebrates their humanity, and our only commandments are what the New Testament states as the greatest 2 commandments; 1.) Love your God with all your heart and 2.) love your fellow man as yourself....... Period..... That is kindergarten simple. That is our agenda, to love, exalt, uplift and celebrate each other. To celebrate right, to denounce wrong. Inclusion is the word. Sharing is caring.Sharing with EVERYBODY is caring. INCLUSION and EQUALITY of everyone is love. That is the people..for the people..hope to form a more perfect celebrating everyone's equal right to the pursuit of liberty, equality and happiness", states #WE founder and New Hollywood creator, Lowell Beasley.


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