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The Asian Goddesses In Production

The Asian Goddesses, the first global Asian reality series , is in production in Houston, starring Arlene McGrew, and daughters Kaitlin McGrew, and Vanessa McGrew ( pictured). The show is currently filming a video storyboard and designing the opening for the show.

The Asian Goddesses is a weekly 30 minute reality TV series, written & created by Lowell Beasley. It follows and documents the real life behnd the scenes lives of THe McGrews, an upscale ASian family in Houston, consisting of a single mom and her 2 daughters. Unlike past reality shows, this family is wholesome, functional, upscale and classy. They are #empowerment oriented.

THe Asian Goddesses is the debut banner show and first of " The Goddesses" dynasty series of "Goddesses" series to come.

The Asian Goddesses is the banner premiere TV series produced by Women Empowerment Movement, the #WE movement and New Hollywood Studio.

" Goddesses" shows to come.


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