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Shirene Zaza, #WE Host, Provides #Sheroes Filming Session for Power Global Women

#WE host, Shirene Zaza ( Mrs. Global Ambassador), above pictured blonde in center, recently hosted a multi-hour filming with power women from throughout the world for their upcoming TV special(s) called " #Sheroes; The Largest Female Tribute" coming nationally and globally.

Power women who participated in this film session include Mrs. India ( second from left); Miss Egypt/ Miss Europe Global ( 2nd from right); and Mrs. Latina Global ( 3rd from left). Shirene Zaza, #WE Host and Mrs. Syria, is gathering all the most powerful women on the planet for these specials.

Atlanta media mover and podcast/ radio Queen, Kimberly Arrington, is calling in all stakes on all sponsors, advertisers and investors as she is setting up the resources for #Sheroes concert dates, TV series and TV specials, as the official Marketing Director both #Sheroes, #WE,the official Women Empowerment Movement.

The creator-visionary-founder of #Sheroes, #WE and Women Empowerment Movement, Lowell Beasley states;, " It just seems like God's appointed season for this. I have been working on this for 6 years myself but God can do more in one day than man can in 6 years, and He wants to glory to go to Him. We were connected to Sherine Zaza , then everything catapulted. Then my partner, Phil Jones, founder of the Be Happy Movement, connected me to Parrice and he started calling celebrities and started a firestorm of cooperation. Then Parrice brought in Kimberly Arrington, and #Sheroes and #WE became airborne! It's all God's right timing with the right people!"

All are encouraged to join the #Sheroes telecast. The celebs and participants will begin a " Nominate Your #Sheroe" in the next 2 weeks where everyone in the public can submit a video nominating their own #Sheroe ( female " hero"). It can be someone totally unknown, a family member, a COVID nurse, veteran, schoolteacher, etc. If it is a female deserving honor, #WE wants to honor them.


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