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#SHEROES is COMING! ...Largest Female TV Tribute

The #WE movement has partnered with Lawrence Freiburg ( One Life/ One People) to announce they are developing and formulating "#SHEROES", the largest female TV tribute. Lawrence Freiburg is past CEO of Concerts West, and a Producer of the new TV series " Supergroup" airing on CBS and MTV this fall, and #WE is the nation's largest empowerment campaign.

Jenee Starr, the new female principal of #WE / Women Empowerment Movement, is the #WE host and front-spokesperson for the #Sheroes event on behalf of #WE. Jenee Starr was the organizer of the #BlackLivesMatter rally in Phoenix in 2020, organizing the street protests, town hall meetings and the coordinator of all the press in the Arizona media over the shooting of an unarmed black man by a white Phoenix police officer. Ms. Starr recently co-hosted the #Good Times Tribute TV Special in early 2021 with Good Times alumni star, John Amos. Ms. Starr is a degreed Psychologist, former social worker, and a national activist, and co-partner of #WE. Jenee Starr is also co-founder of the National Stop The Killing Coalition.

#SHEROES is designed to be a celebrity- filled, multi-station, 48 -hour TV tribute to all the unsung female heroes out there, " Sheroes", if you will.

Negotiations with several large TV entity networks are underway, and details are being negotiated. It is designed to be the largest female TV tribute.

Website and national press releases are coming soon.


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