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#Sheroes Aired On Mother's Day

#Sheroes, the largest female tribute, created and written by Lowell Beasley, aired its freshman pilot on May 14, 2023 ( Mother's Day) , hosted by The Asian Goddesses ( Arlene McGrew, Kaitlin McGrew and Vanessa McGrew) and it aired globally through FilAMTV in Las Vegas and Manila, The Philippines. Tributes were given to Dr. Jameelah Wilkerson, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Lauren Daigle.

#Sheroes, is a 3x per year annual series of #Sheroes tributes on Mother's Day, Women's Day ( August 9) and Thanksgiving, presented by and for Women Empowerment Movement.

Each #Sheroes is formatted total separately with no formula or tie to any of the others.

The next #Sheroes is Women's Day ( August 9), and is hosted/ presented / produced/ created by ZupaNova and filmed by Rich Girl TV and also benefits


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