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Self-Disregard; Not Self-Love

If anything I am ever involved in goes wrong, I am the one to blame. That is my mantra. The problem is always the head. The buck ends here. If the head is in order, the Bible says, so is the Body. So, as the visionary, I never have to have someone else beat up on me as I stay too busy beating myself up. To me I am always the one to blame. Its easier to carry all/ any " fault" on myself so as to not build grudges on anyone else.

I know everyone teaches nowadays to " love yourself" and to have " self-love" but nowhere is that in the Bible. The Bible actually teaches the opposite. The Bible tells me to " crucify myself" and " deny myself" and " to take up my cross". Our flesh is our enemy, not our brother, nor our circumstances"

" I have met the enemy; it is me". That is the center of my scripts.

That does not mean I am to hate myself. The opposite of love is not hate, it is " disregard". I am not to love nor hate myself, but to " disregard" myself as I serve OTHERS first.

The secret to joy is the old Sunday School axiom, . J.O.Y ( Jesus/ Others/ You), and that is exactly my goal, even if I fall miserably short of it.

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