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Paris Ausborne/ Sole Male Anchor-Host for #WE, #WEM

#WE was created as the official Women Empowerment Movement, but in 2020 expanded its inclusion to all empowerment brands and causes, and all genders. Paris Ausborne became the only male anchor/ host/ emcee for the #WE movement, so far. His affable attitude tested well in focus groups as everyone seems to like his laid back Ryan Seacrest ease and temperament.

He has always deferred to the women of #WE, even at great personal cost. When filming the first TV special, "#We_Together", Paris spent 20-30 hours over a few weeks training the female counterpart as co-host. Then he spent another 20-30 hours helping her ace her lines during filming. This led to them being a team couple for the hosting. But when the female was suddenly dropped, so was all the filming they had done, including all the filming Paris had done. So R & B star, Alyson Williams, stepped in and aced the parts leaving Paris only one short ten second cameo in the special.

Yet he never complained and was just happy it all worked. Similar circumstances occurred in the 2nd TV special, "#WeR1_BlackLives"and again after dedicating tens of hours, his parts were scrubbed for those of celebrity Alyson Williams. Yet, Paris never complained and kept good-naturedly supporting #WE and the women of #WE getting the priority airtime.

When the Good Times Tribute came along with John Amos, again Paris Ausborne was the first person in the studio doing his parts. Then the director got COVID, others were brought in to do the starring part, and again, Paris got only a couple of cameos. But his attitude of sacrificial deference to the cause of women empowerment and deference to the women of #We did not escape us here on the executive staff. He has been the most patient, hardest working individual, with the heart of gold and best attitude, throughout it all.

Paris understands opportunity has its appointed timeline and he trusted that if he bode his time and remained a team player, his time would come.

Now, #WE has expanded into several branches with several new projects evolving, and not just women empowerment. If #WE is to be inclusive of all genders, male and female, and all causes, Paris is a natural choice to be the first male host, first male anchor and only male emcee, at present.

He caught our eye because he is a natural in front of the camera with seeming total ease at all times. Like the aforementioned Ryan Seacrest, he has this relaxed affability that everyone likes. He is black but very light skinned, almost white skinned. He has a universal culture look that covers a multitude of races making him pliant for almost any cultural setting.

He generally aces his scripted lines on the first 2 takes, and follows directions perfectly. With the new advent of New Hollywood Studio, and the concerts coming up, there are a plethora of new need, opportunities, films, movies, promos and trailers, needing his male presence.

He works great with women and is not a threat to them. Unlike most males, professionally coupled with gorgeous women, Paris does not try to hit on them, but rather makes them feel accepted and at ease as he does all he can to encourage, support and make them at ease. He empowers the women and even personally coaches them on set, inspiring them to do better.

At a script reading of #WE News one time, when a normally capable young women suddenly went blank with intimidation in front of the camera due to the presence and stellar ability of the lead star there, Paris followed the dejected young woman off set and sat with her for 2 hours, reading and re-reading her script lines out loud with her, to encourage her with confidence.

That is just his nature. Inspiring, helping, empowering, going out of his way to make sure others shine, even if it costs him his shine. That is true #empowerment.

That is why #WE is so honored to announce Paris Ausborne as our first and only ( as of this date) male host of the #WE movement.#WE will strive to move Paris to the front of the line and try its best to make sure he no longer has to defer to anyone.

Its time for him to shine.


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