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Moniq Stylez Signs #WE Global Promotion

Moniq Stylez

Sweet AND Savage

Moniq Stylez has been known for the last several years as "The Dancehall Cream of Zambia" as she is the sole Nicki Minaj/ Megan Thee Stallion type artist of any substance in all of North Africa, so she has been the only female artist to capture the imagination, eyes and attantion of the radio stations, dancehall clubs and promoters. With no sponsor, investor nor label backing, Moniq took her #empowerment resolve and formidable talent to the dancehalls, creating a team of back-up dancers, a band and a buzz, throughout Zambia. She began packing clubs so regularly, she became known as " the dancehall cream of Zambia".

As the saying goes, " cream rises to the top", and so did the renowned reputation of Moniq Styles. She did a duet collab project with a top artist from South Africa that now is getting airplay not only on the other end of the African continent in South Africa, but as far away as London, England.

She is changing her image aiming for a more global campaign. Initially mimicking the Nicki Minaj image of the hip hop bad girl with pole dancing and lots of smoke and scantily clad girls in her initial videos, Moniq now is re-branding for a more family friendly middle of the road pop/ Top 40 audience.

Enter #WE.

#WE, the nation's largest empowerment campaign, is also rebranding for a more global reach, and Moniq Stylez caught the eyes of #WE. Moniq Stylez has agreed to be the female empowerment brand artist of #WE. Moniq Stylez wants to be a positive inspiration and role model to all the thousands of young African girls now seeking to emulate her, so she has signed #WE visionary-founder, Lowell Beasley, as her co-manager and promoter to help re-brand her as that more commercially family friend pop artist. She has signed as the first African female banner artist of #WE and now is filming her first new video of her new songs collection.

Moniq Stylez is as sweet in spirit and heart as they come so is a perfect #WE ambassador. But make no mistake and under-estimate her resolve, her grind nor her hustle. It is many times harder to rise to such a status musically in Africa as it is in places like the USA and UK, so Moniq Stylez had to be ten times tougher, ten times more determined and resolved than her UK/ American counter-parts.

In America, many emulate a resolve like Moniq's, hoping to be labeled a " Boss", an American cultural title as a front-running trend-setter.

Moniq Stylez is the definition of " Boss".

She is as tough as the hardest African warrior.

Sweet AND savage, don't mistake her for less.

#WE is planning upcoming TV documentaries, specials and live events to propel her globally as this " cream" continues to rise to the top.


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