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Maren Morris; A RARE #Sheroe

You know her from her smash #1 Top 40 pop rock hit , " The Middle" ("Baby/ why don't you just meet me in the middle"/ (see video below at bottom), but every country fan knows her as the smash female country superstar with #1 after #1 country hit.

MAREN MORRIS is known to country music fans as the classy female country superstar from Texas with #1 hit after hit. Country music is NOT ordinarliy known for its liberalism, nor its tolerance for social activism, nor speaking out on social issues. Nor is Texas.

But MAREN MORRIS is no ordinary country singer, no ordinary performer, nor ordinary Texan. She is a genuine person, and very honest and upfront. She believes in telling her truths, whether they fit in the ordinary Texan mold, or conservative molds, or not. Real is real. It's just who she is.

Country was meant to be about being real, and no one is more real than Maren Morris.

She is not trying to be a social activist, nor a role model. She just believes ( as I do, as many do) that to keep quiet when you see wrong, is to be complacent. Silence is implied consent. So when she saw a recent slap at the LGBTQ community in a post by Britany Aldean, wife of country superstar Jason Aldean, she spoke out, chiding Britany, just to let Maren's stance be known. This unsolicited proffered opinion from Maren Morris opened up a national hailstorm of controversy and criticism against Maren. All the coservative media gang-piled on her, from Fox News to even Tucker Carlson who called her a " lunatic" and that " fake country music singer.

When COVID was demanding the close of honky-tonks in Nashville, only one artist , Kid Rock, refused to comply, and Maren called him out on it.

In my eyes, she is the walking embodiment of #womenempowerment. In MY opinion, she is the walking tall #Sheroe of all music for putting integrity, compassion and truth above her own reputation, her own income,

#WE LOVE her for her purity, heart, classiness, and bravery. Things have gotten so harsh for her, she has announced that , like Taylor Swift, she is quitting country music, and moving on to the " next" thing ( a billion move for Taylor Swift and #WE know as a veteran Top 40#1 artist, whatever is " next" will be great for our #! musical #Sheroe, Maren Morris.

Country music and conservatives refuse to meet her in the middle, so being one to not fake it, she is moving on up to the next plane



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