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Lean Not To Your Own Understanding

It says over 70 times in the Bible to "lean not to your own understanding." The Ten Commandments are listed twice but it says over 70 times to " lean not to your own understanding ". Because when we do we can miss God' s miraculous provision and end up in a wilderness. We need to " follow the Cloud". When it stops, we stop. When it goes, we go. But we do not ever move in our own understanding. When we do, we end up in a desert missing God' s very Best. It may seem like our only choice to be " logical" or

" reasonable" but that is leaning on our own understanding. That is tragic thinking...How can we say we are God' s and follow Him if we follow our own understanding? It is a contradiction. If He is not Lord of everything in our lives, He is not Lord at all. Our minds, our understanding is of the carnal man and the opposite of His Way. So sad to watch so many follow their own destructive understanding.

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