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LB 2nd TV Special to Air April 24

Originally aired in 2020 in response to the #BLM riots and protests, this TV special is a walk through what the fuss was / is all about from a black perspective. Alyson Williams knocks it out of the park as host.

I am so thankful to Carl Magno and FilAm.TV for globally re-airing this. It originally aired in 36 major markets in the USA on Maybach TV, Holyfield TV and the college network. It was re-broadcast to 70 nations via The NOW Network at least 5 times.

Its the project I am most proud of simply for its message and intensity, with a lot of kudos to Alyson 's delivery of my script!

It features some RARELY seen footage including an updated Michael Jackson video, original press footage of the JFK and RFK assassinations and a once aired Whitney Houston performance with some rare MLK footage.

To me, the 2 highlights are the Kirk Franklin video and the Tom Clay compilation.

The Mandisa " We All Bleed The Same" is SO moving , we built this special around it.

Lastly, thanks to Kawrence Freiberg and Miles Warren whose positivity & praise on this special gave me the courage to continue.

I pray it moves you like it moves me.




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