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#GoodTimes Tribute TV Special Airs Nationally May 1

Executive Producer Lowell Beasley announces their #GoodTimes Tribute TV Special with "Good Times" star, John Amos, and host, Jenee Starr, airs on Saturday night, May 1 on all Holyfield TV stations ( Evander Holyfield); all Mayback TV stations ( Rick Ross);all Pavlov Media stations ( colleges & universities) and all Black Pointe TV stations as well as Roku and others as a national debut commercial-free broadcast on Saturday night, May 1, including the new markets of Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando, and Louisiana.

The show was created and written by Lowell Beasley and he is one of the executive producers along with KC Amos, son of John Amos.The show is themed around the iconic 1970's TV series " Good Times" and licensed by original writer -creator, Eric Monty, and Carlena Evans, the daughter of Mike Evans, the original writer and co-creator with Eric Monty.

The show airs nationally at 8 pm EST and the TV commercial ads are running now.

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