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Concert Titan Joins #Sheroes As Co-Founder And Promoter

Former CEO of Concerts West, Lawrence Freiberg ( Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Madonna, U2, etc.) has joined #WE founder, #Sheroes visionary founder, Lowell Beasley, as a co-founding member of both #WE and #Sheroes and is the Promoter of #Sheroes, the largest female tribute.

#Sheroes is an 8 hour superstar filled TV extravaganza wherein stars pay tribute to the unsung female " heroes" like COVID nurses, single moms, cancer survivors, female military, fire-fighters, teachers, or just the " #Sheroe" in your family or next door. Not only is #Sheroes a TV/ Film event, it is also a national concert tour series, episodic TV series, and docu-drama.

A blockbuster Hollywood casting director ( Spiderman; Transformers; Bad Boys; Orange Is The New Black; Glam Girls,Power, etc.) is joining to oversee the TV and episodic filming, casting and directing.

Stand by for updates!

#WE, #Sheroes, #SheroesTV, #Sheros, #WeMovement, #WomenEmpowermentMovement

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