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Asia's Queen of Fire TV Special

Asia's Queen of Fire, Lae Franzani, is the official #WE female artist and official artist of Women Empowerment Movement. With over 38 million views, she has won every vocal award available in her home country of The Philippines. Now New Hollywood Studiops is creating her own TV special for USA release and global release.

In September, she has her own Times Square billboard. In July, she is doing a Japan TV tour. She is doing a 13 city Canada tour.

And now Lowell Beasley is announcing he is the USA promoter for Lae Franzani and her management company, Loreley Entertainment.

Zupanova will guest star on her TV special and she will guest star on Zupanova's upcoming TV special.

She will be on the upcoming #Sheroes, the largest female tribute, hosted by ZupaNova and filmed by Rich Girl TV and be a co-host on this year's #WeGlobal New Year's 2024 TV event, the largest global NYE TV telecast.

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