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Would You REALLY Know ME? ( If You Passed Me On The Street?)

You think you know God? Would you really know Him if you passed Him on the street?

Many years ago, I thought I did.

I was a popular Christian minister traveling all over as speaker with some top names and groups. Many " big " Christians came to me for counsel, and made me feel like I was special, God's little first-hand spokesperson.

Then one day, I felt my prayers were just bouncing off the walls, and when I was praying, I just felt no one was listening and my prayers were bouncing off the walls. ( You ever felt that way?)

I was a good Baptist boy so I did not believe in prophecy nor God " speaking" to me. But I was bored, and picked up my 12 string guitar, hit an" A-minor" chord, and for the next 7 minutes I never missed one word nor one chord riff as God gave a word to me in a song, a prophecy in song.

It was somewhat of a rebuke. I set my guitar down and never entered a church again for 7 years as God took me through some real wilderness experiences where I could truly learn Him and learn to trust Him.

This prophecy song changed my life. I hope it touches yours.j

You gave your tithe in Sunday school;

You saved 4 souls from hell.

You baptized 10 in the Holy Ghost,

And baptized them in water as well.

You learned a hundred Bible verses

And you praise My Name so sweet

But would you really know Me,

If you passed Me on the street?

I allowed you to lose your job last week

So you could LEARN to count on Me

But you kneeled in prayer and cursed the Devil

And the Spirit of Poverty

Yeah, you chased away the Devil

AND the blessing of a lesson from Me

Then you kneeled in prayer

Found another job, and " claimed the " victory""

But I can use the Devil

To make YOU a better man

I alone control your life, Son

You need not lend a hand

I sent you ALL of my blessings

The bitter and the sweet

To see if you would know Me

As you passed Me on the street.

You passed Me on the street this morning

I had My Hand out for a dime

I was lonely this afternoon

But you " didn't have the time"

But when you've done to the LEAST of these

You have done so unto Me

And you didn't even know Me

As you passed Me on the street.

I came to Earth in the form of man

They despised and hated Me

I lived a life of suffering, Child

Are you any greater than Me?

You've walked with Me ten years

Since you first heard " the Call"

But like My disciples of old

You don't know Me

You really don't know Me at all

You don't know Me

You really don't know Me at all

I give to you the Mind of Christ

It's all part of My Plan

Start LISTENING to Me like I'M GOD

For I am not a man

And I'll show you I am EVERYWHERE

In the cold, in the rain, in the sleet

And if you look you'll recognize Me

As you pass Me on the street...


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