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"Sing A Song; The Sheldon Reynolds Tribute"

#WE founder-promoter , Lowell Beasley, announces a TV special is being produced as quickly as possible to honor Sheldon Reynolds and to donate all profits to Sheldon Reynolds in his battle with Parkinson's Disease.

#WE recently featured Sheldon Reynolds and Kalimba; The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire on its' " Good Times Tribute TV Special" themed around the iconic 1970's "Good Times" TV special. In that special, #WE co-hosts Paris Ausborne and Shradha Sharma announced that #WE would be producing a fund-raising TV special for Sheldon Reynolds.

“Sheldon Reynolds was the lead guitarist and lead vocalist for the iconic band, Earth, Wind & Fire, for 14 years, and entertained everyone from Bill Clinton to Prince.”

Jesse Moore, the manager for Sheldon Reynolds, and Sheldon Reynolds himself, are very hands-on in the planning and preparation of this event

Tribute To Be Celebrity Laced

Because of their personal involvement, and because of Mr. Reynold's illustrious career with arguably one of the most famous bands of the 20th century, all involved are expecting a fairly heavy celebrity involvement in honoring Mr. Reynolds.

Lowell Beasley met both Jesse Moore, Sheldon's manager, and Sheldon Reynolds, when he was visiting an associate's house recently in Los Angeles, and Sheldon and Jesse were there dining and filming with the associate.They exchanged business cards and contact info, then came together as co-planners on the aforementioned #GoodTimesPPV TV Special on which Mr. Reynolds performed.

The event is currently in the booking & planning stage and it is planned for an April-May,2021 TV broadcast.

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