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#Sheroes Wraps Pilot Filming

The long awaited #Sheroes pilot has wrapped up filming, and is in post-production. The hosts, ( above pictured, left to right) Kaitlin McGrew, Arlene McGrew and Vanessa McGrew, spent about a week taping their segments themselves in Houston , Texas, wrapping up filming yesterday and finishing the re-do parts this morning.

#Sheroes, is the largest female tribute and is a 3 part TV event annually , accompanied by events and tours. The above 3 ladies are the future cast of their own reality show, also filming in Houston, called The Asian Goddesses.

They are also the executive board of Women Empowerment Movement.

The pilot features #AGT champion, Kodi Lee; the RnB lead vocalist, Lil G, from " SILK"; the " dem boys from the bathroom scene" in the Morgan Freeman movie , " Lean On Me", now known as RIFF, who provide the central musical them and soundtrack for this first pilot; and a cameo by All 4 One.

Women superstars and female heroes Dr. Jameelah Wilkerson, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Mandisa and Lauren Daigle are paid tribute in this first pilot.

Subsequent sequels will focus on the unknown, unrecognized female heroes among us and will be supported by 550,000 #Sheroes fans throughout the USA.

#Sheroes is produced by New Hollywood Studio, and presented by the #WE Movement and Women Empowerment Movement.

#Sheroes was created, written and designed by Lowell Beasley.


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