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#WE News Coming Nationally

#WE announces it is in production this week of #WE News, the FIRST ever national/global #empowerment news cast. It is a weekly 30 minte series.

Jenee Starr and Shradha Sharma will be the initial 2 anchors on the #WE News, the first all #empowerment news cast now in production being filmed this week in the Dallas area.

#WE News is the first all women empowerment news cast; by women, for women, about women. It is expanding its' newscast to also encompass all empowerment news.”

The original pilot of #WE News was produced in 2017 with a different roster in Miami. The news content of this new broadcast version will be much the same , just presented in a different format and with different personnel.Members of controversial families like the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Louis Farrakhan, etc. will be added as guest from episode to episode..

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